Dear client

I hope you are keeping well and safe during these extremely challenging times. I know many of you will be experiencing numerous physical and emotional pains and have unfortunately been unable to get treatment for these.

Your health, wellbeing and safety is of paramount importance and therefore I have undertaken several protective measures to ensure you remain safe and comfortable during any treatments. These include:

Pre-visit Assessment

A pre-visit assessment will be carried out with all clients before your session. I will make a telephone appointment for you for the day before your session.


I will be using an infra-red reading thermometer on myself before seeing each client. I will also be checking all my clients’ temperature when they arrive.


Please bring a face covering or a social mask with you. All people entering the clinic must wear a face mask as instructed by the government health guidelines. I have purchased PPE equipment to the best of my ability, i.e. face masks, aprons and gloves, these will be worn by myself during all sessions.

Patient timings and comfort

I will be leaving larger time gaps between patients so that I can effectively cleanse and ventilate my therapy room for your safety.

I request that you stay in your car if coming by car, until I come to you ask you to come in, so there won’t be any crossover with other clients and I will be the only one touching door handles.

Although this may be a little difficult, I will be requesting where possible that patients make sure they have comfort breaks before they arrive, so the use of my facilities is reduced to the absolute minimum.

Please use hand sanitiser on arrival and when you are leaving.


Please bring your own refreshments with you as I will not be providing any in order to minimise any risk of cross infection.

Treatment & couch hygiene

I request that all clients bring with them, their own pillows and/or blanket that they need during their treatment, in a clean disposable bag to ensure hygiene safety standards.

There will be no coverings on the treatment couch, I have a wipeable covering on the couch topper therefore you can still be comfortable during a session and I will be able to disinfect both the table and topper between sessions.

All chairs will be wiped clean with disinfectant between clients.


Payments will be taken at the time of booking via the Start Booking app.

Your support

Finally, if you feel you have any other suggestions to ensure due diligence is observed I would greatly welcome them.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries. My contact details are: Telephone: 07761676794 Email: gail@middlefieldwellnesscentre.co.uk

Code of Conduct
  1. I will treat my clients and their families with respect and compassion. I will respect the religious, spiritual, political and social views of any individual irrespective of race, colour, creed, sexual orientation or gender.
  2. The choice and capacity to gain in health lies first within the power of the client. My role as the practitioner is to help to make such choices and capacities more accessible. This requires that I support the individual towards greater self-understanding by joining with the client in a partnership of discovery, neither claiming, nor encouraging the inference that the practitioner has special powers.
  3. Respect for the self-healing principle leads to the acceptance that one person cannot heal or cure another, only that by the responsible application of techniques or other help, or by the quality of their presence, the practitioner may help remove inhibitions or otherwise support the client’s self-healing process. Promises, cures and guarantees are therefore without foundation. It is, however, my duty as the practitioner to encourage appropriate optimism.
  4. The practitioner will provide a non-judgmental environment which respects patients’ ethically held beliefs and admits them as part of the therapeutic process.
  5. My role as the practitioner involves privileged information, and particular power and authority. This shall be used only for the benefit of the client, and not for seeking or receiving any benefit save for fair remuneration for me, the practitioner.
  6. I will keep accurate records of all clients and treatments given. These records shall be kept for 7 years; when treating minors records shall be kept for 7 years into their adulthood.
  7. The client-practitioner relationship and its details shall remain confidential between the client and the practitioner. Any exception to this must be made with the client’s clear consent having been given, and such consent being recorded.
  8. Whilst respecting areas where confidentiality must apply, I will appreciate the need for honesty and openness in all professional relationships. I will not countermand instructions or prescriptions given by a doctor.
  9. All clients under age 16 shall be accompanied by their responsible adult for the duration of a treatment session.
  10. My relationship with the patient shall be confined to the therapeutic, and shall be conducted only in ways which will preserve and promote the client’s power in therapeutic transactions.
  11. All therapy is received fully clothed. If in any circumstance a client refuses to recognise these boundary issues, I am under no obligation to treat them and will NOT do so.
  12. I do not have a duty to treat anyone who comes to my door. I will NOT treat a client whose condition exceeds my capacity, training and competence. Where appropriate, the I will seek referral to a suitably qualified person.
  13. When involved in referral, I will be careful:
    • – to provide adequate information to the referee practitioner together with clear terms of reference, preferably in writing, especially when referring outside my practice
    • – to be clear with my client about the purpose and expectations of referring them
    • – in situations that are especially sensitive, in writing as well as verbally to make clear to the client why a referral is considered necessary
    • – when receiving referral I will be mindful of the referral terms, not to exceed them without the consent of the referrer, and to give adequate feedback to the referrer
Privacy Policy

I have put the following measures in place to ensure I am GDPR compliant.
This privacy notice provides you with details of how I collect and process your personal data.
By providing me with your data, you are affirming to me that you are over 13 years of age.
Middlefield Wellness Centre is the data controller and I am responsible for your personal data.

Contact Details:
My full details are:
Full name of legal entities: Middlefield Wellness Centre
Email address: gail@middlefieldwellnesscentre.co.uk
Postal address: Middlefield Wellness Centre, Middlefield Farmhouse, Kingskettle, Fife, KY15 7TS

If you are not happy with any aspect of how I collect and use your data, you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK supervisory authority for data protection issues (www.ico.org.uk). I should be grateful if you would contact me first if you do have a complaint so that I can try to resolve it for you.

It is very important that the information I hold about you is accurate and up to date. Please let me know if at any time your personal information changes by emailing me at gail@middlefieldwellnesscentre.co.uk

Below is my policy on how I collect data from you and which data I collect from you:

  • Identity Data may include your first name and last name.
  • Contact Data may include your email address and telephone numbers.
  • Financial Data is not collected:
  • All payments are collected either by cash, cheque, Paypal and website payment.
  • Your personal data will be stored and be accessible by Middlefield Wellness Centre.
  • Your information will not be shared to any third-party companies.

Client Consultation Forms:

  • Identity Data may include your first name and last name.
  • Contact Data may include your telephone number.
  • Health Data: The medical & emotional assessments are required so that I can provide a holistic treatment package for you.
  • Sensitive Data: I do not collect any sensitive data about you. Sensitive data refers to data that includes details about your race or ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sex life, or sexual orientation. I do not collect any information about criminal convictions and offences.
  • Your personal data will be stored and be accessible by Middlefield Wellness Centre only.
  • Your information will not be shared to any third-party companies.
  • I will only contact you with regards to Middlefield Wellness Centre associated matters and will never send spam to you.

Data Retention:

  • By law I have to keep basic information about my customers (including Contact, Identity, Financial and Transaction Data) for six years after they cease being customers for tax purposes.
  • Medical Malpractice requests that I keep consultation files on record for seven years once you have received your last treatment with me. After this date they will be shredded.
  • I will only retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes I collected it for, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, accounting, or medical requirements

Record Keeping:

  • Your consultation forms are kept on paper files and are kept in a locked filing cabinet at Middlefield Wellness Centre.
  • Your files are not viewed or accessible by anyone other than myself Gail McPherson, unless consent is given by yourself to share with other therapists.
  • You can ask to view your client files at any given time.

I am committed to protecting your privacy.

This website is operated by Middlefield Wellness Centre and I am committed to protecting your personal information and will keep any information you provide safely and securely.

Disclosing Information

I will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third-parties unless I have your permission or are required by law to do so.

Acceptable Use Policy