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Genius Insight Biofeedback App

Elevate Your Well-Being with the Genius Insight Biofeedback App!

Stimulate your body’s own innate energy healing ability and embark on a transformative mental wellness journey with the revolutionary Genius Insight Biofeedback App!

Unlock Your Full Potential: Tap into the body’s innate healing intelligence using our unique waveforms, frequencies, and energetic signatures. Experience the ultimate balance and unleash your body’s natural ability to heal.

Everything is Energy, Anything is Possible: Discover the power of the Genius App as it instantly analyses your body’s reactions to substances, providing insights into meridian imbalances, aura field disturbances, electro-acupuncture, chakras, and more. Evaluate your energetic stress levels and assess potential risks for the day. Scan and balance your body systems effortlessly.

Real-Time Biofeedback Therapy: Review your biofeedback sessions in real-time and step into a world of unlimited possibilities. The Genius Insight Sound Frequency Balancing Tones offer a transformative combination of sound healing and PEMF therapy. Incorporate these incredible tones into your sessions to explore the sacred signatures and frequencies that resonate with your soul.

Experience the Power: Immerse yourself in the Genius Insight’s sound frequency balancing tones, guiding you to achieve better results effortlessly. The app evaluates your body’s responses, providing a personalized approach to self-regulation and inner harmony.

Join the Biofeedback Revolution: Don’t miss the chance to join the biofeedback revolution and take control of your mental well-being. The Genius Insight Biofeedback App empowers you to explore the vast possibilities of energy healing and reach new heights of wellness.

Download the Genius Insight App now and embark on a journey to unlock your full potential!

The Odyssey App | Unlock Ancient Healing Codes | Self Discovery

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery with The Odyssey App! Unlock Ancient Healing Codes for a Better You!

Unlock Ancient Healing Codes: Discover the power of self-discovery with The Odyssey App, designed to be seamlessly integrated with PEMF devices. Unlock ancient healing codes that cater to your unique needs, providing an efficient and easy way to focus on creating a better version of yourself.

Balance Your Being: Depending on what your voice scan discovers, The Odyssey App empowers you to balance various aspects of your well-being:

  • Organ Stimulation: Activate and harmonize your vital organs.
  • Balance Nutrition: Optimize your nutritional well-being.
  • Inner Terrain Cleanse: Purify and revitalize your inner terrain.
  • Detox: Cleanse your body from within.
  • Mindfulness: Foster mental clarity and present awareness.
  • Immune Stimulation: Boost your immune system naturally.
  • Digestive Disturbances: Achieve balance in your digestive system.
  • Love My Hormones (upper/middle/lower): Harmonize hormonal balance.
  • Wellbeing: Enhance overall well-being and vitality.
  • Mold & Fungus: Address potential environmental imbalances.
  • Brain Pain: Alleviate discomfort and promote cognitive health.
  • Higher Consciousness: Elevate your awareness and spirituality.
  • Full Moon: Align with lunar energies for balance.
  • Delta Deep Sleep: Improve the quality of your sleep.
  • Upliftment: Lift your spirits and enhance emotional well-being.
  • Head Cold: Address discomfort associated with a head cold.
  • Chest Cold: Soothe and support your respiratory health.
  • Brain Stimulation: Activate cognitive functions and mental acuity.

Effortless Self-Discovery: The Odyssey App makes self-discovery easy and efficient. Your voice scan reveals insights, guiding you to balance specific areas of your life effortlessly.

Take the First Step: Embark on your journey of self-discovery today! Download The Odyssey App and unlock ancient healing codes to create a better, more balanced version of yourself.

Insight Rife App | Rife Machine | Dr Royal Rife | Bija Core Frequencies

Discover the Power of Insight Rife App: Unlocking the Legacy of Dr. Royal Rife and Bija Core Frequencies!

The Visionary Mind of Dr. Royal Rife: Dr. RIFE’s profound insights into the power of frequencies laid the foundation for the creation of the Insight Rife App. This app embodies the spirit of his ground-breaking work, offering a unique approach to wellness through the integration of Rife Machine technology and Bija Core Frequencies.

Experience the Insight Rife App:

  • Rife Machine Technology: Harness the power of Rife Machine frequencies for holistic well-being.
  • Bija Core Frequencies: Explore the harmonizing frequencies inspired by Dr. RIFE’s visionary research.
  • Empowering Wellness: Elevate your health and well-being with the knowledge passed down from a true visionary.

Join the Legacy: Take a step into the future of wellness! Download the Insight Rife App today and embrace the healing potential embedded in the legacy of Dr. Royal RIFE.

Insight Wearable PEMF – LED Device

Introducing Insight Wearable PEMF-LED Device: Elevate Your Well-Being with Cutting-Edge Technology!

Revolutionary Fusion of Red & Infrared LED with PEMF: Embark on a transformative wellness journey with the ground-breaking Insight Wearable, the only product on the planet to seamlessly integrate Red and Infrared LED lights with powerful Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (PEMF) into a single wearable technology. This fusion creates a holistic approach to well-being, addressing multiple facets of health in one wearable device.

Red & Infrared LED Lights: Experience the benefits of Red and Infrared LED lights working in harmony:

  • Red LED: Penetrates the skin, triggering photobiomodulation mechanisms, including the release of nitric oxide.
  • Infrared LED (NIR): Emitting invisible wavelengths (800 – 1100 nm), NIR light increases circulation and reduces pain, providing a comprehensive solution for cellular rejuvenation.

PEMF Therapy for Natural Recovery: Insight Wearable harnesses the power of PEMF therapy to stimulate and encourage your body’s natural recovery process. This technology targets cells and organs with low-frequency electromagnetic waves, restoring healthy electromagnetic charges to cells. Say goodbye to inflammation, fatigue, and pain caused by damaged cells with low charges.

Seamless Integration with Mobile Applications: Maximize the benefits of Insight Wearable by pairing it with ALL our mobile applications. This synergy ensures a personalized and adaptive wellness experience, putting you in control of your journey to optimal health.

Benefits of Insight Wearable:

  • Cellular Rejuvenation: Enhance the vitality of your cells for overall well-being.
  • Circulation Boost: Experience increased blood flow and reduced pain with NIR light.
  • Natural Recovery: Stimulate your body’s innate recovery process with PEMF therapy.
  • Adaptive Wellness: Pair with mobile applications for a personalized, on-the-go wellness solution.

Elevate Your Wellness Journey: Don’t miss the chance to elevate your well-being with Insight Wearable PEMF-LED Device. Experience the future of wearable technology that integrates the power of light and electromagnetic frequencies into a single, transformative device.

Quantum Terahertz Healing Wands

Experience Cutting-Edge Wellness with Quantum Terahertz Healing Wands!

Revolutionize Your Self-Care with Resonant Frequencies: Introducing the Quantum Terahertz Healing Wand, a state-of-the-art self-care wellness device that harnesses the power of resonant frequencies to promote overall health and well-being. This innovative wand generates frequencies within the same range as cells in the body, creating millions of vibrations per second to restore balance to the body’s natural energy systems.

How It Works: By simply holding the wand near specific areas of the body, users report remarkable benefits:

  • Relaxation: Feel more relaxed and at ease.
  • Balance: Restore harmony to your body’s energy systems.
  • Energized: Experience a boost of natural energy.

Non-Invasive, Drug-Free Wellness Solution: The Terahertz Portable Wand offers a non-invasive, drug-free solution to improving your overall wellness. Say goodbye to invasive methods and chemicals—embrace a natural, holistic approach to self-care.

Benefits Reported by Users:

  • Increased Relaxation: Achieve a sense of calm and tranquillity.
  • Balanced Energy Systems: Restore equilibrium to your body.
  • Enhanced Vitality: Feel a natural boost of energy.

Intention Motivator App | Manifest Intention | Prayer Wheel | Balance

Set Your Intentions in Motion: Discover the transformative power of the Intention Motivator App, your key to clearing blockages and manifesting your goals and intentions. Whether in a clinical setting or the comfort of your home, this app is your trusted companion on the journey to magnify your intentions and achieve balance.

Safe & Gentle Discovery: Experience a safe and gentle process of self-discovery, carefully crafted to clear your blockages and amplify your intentions. The Intention Motivator App provides a supportive environment for setting and nurturing your intentions, allowing you to embark on a journey of growth and manifestation.

More Than an App: A Digital Prayer Wheel: Dubbed as the 24/7/365 Digital Prayer Wheel, our Intention Motivator transcends traditional boundaries. Unlike the Mani Wheel used by Tibetan Monks, this digital companion allows you to spread spiritual blessings and enhance overall well-being at any time, in any place.

Key Features of the Intention Motivator App:

  • Goal Manifestation: Turn your aspirations into reality with a tool designed to manifest your intentions.
  • Spiritual Blessings: Spread positive energy and spiritual blessings in a digital format.
  • Wellbeing Focus: Achieve balance and holistic well-being through intentional living.
  • Versatility: Suitable for use in both clinical settings and personal spaces.

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey: Join the revolution in intention-setting technology. Download the Intention Motivator App and unlock the potential to clear blockages, manifest goals, and spread spiritual blessings. Embrace the power of intentional living for a balanced and fulfilling life.

Advanced Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology

Introducing the Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology – Your Personal Health and Wellness Assistant!

The Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology is a revolutionary app that helps you take control of your health and wellness. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical, emotional, or mental health, the Genius Insight App provides personalized recommendations to help you achieve your wellness goals.

With the help of advanced biofeedback technology, the Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology analyses your body’s energy patterns to identify areas of imbalance and recommend specific therapies and treatments to restore balance and promote healing.

The Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology also includes a comprehensive library of natural remedies, supplements, and wellness programs to help you manage stress, improve sleep, boost immunity, and much more.

So, if you’re ready to take charge of your health and wellness, download the Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology today and start your journey towards optimal health!

Frequency Capsule

The Frequency Capsule allows Wellness Practitioners to easily export healing frequencies directly from the Advanced Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology to their clients’ mobile device, so they can receive at-home balancing in-between their typical sessions.

With the Frequency Capsule, you can take your healing journey to the next level. The capsule owner can be halfway around the world and still receive immediate help and relief from their Wellness Practitioner who is specialized in Advanced Scaler Wave Bio-Resonance Mobile Technology. This is a one-time purchase made by the practitioner’s client, which allows unlimited unrestricted use of the Frequency Capsule.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your wellness journey with the Frequency Capsule. Contact me today to learn more and to get start your free trial!

Rife Frequency App

Rife frequency app is based on the technology developed by Dr Royal Raymond Rife in the 1930s, which involved using electromagnetic frequencies to target and destroy cancer cells and infectious agents in the body. Dr Rife discovered that every bacteria and virus has its own unique frequency, and by subjecting the body to those specific frequencies, he could cause the targeted microbes to shatter and die.

Nowadays, Rife frequencies are available in the form of an app, which can be easily downloaded onto your phone or mobile device. With the app, you can access the resonant frequencies of various bacteria and viruses and use them to help support your immune system and overall health. By incorporating Rife frequencies into your wellness routine, you can potentially help your body fight off infections and promote cellular health.

It’s important to note that Rife frequencies are not a substitute for medical treatment or advice. However, for those looking to explore alternative and complementary therapies, Rife frequencies can be a powerful tool in your health and wellness toolbox.

Frequency Wands and Devices

The Terrahertz Portable Wand is a cutting-edge self care wellness device that uses resonant frequencies to promote overall health and wellbeing. The wand generates frequencies within the same range as cells in the body, creating millions of vibrations per second that can help restore balance to the body’s natural energy systems.

By simply holding the wand near specific areas of the body, users report feeling more relaxed, balanced, and energized. The Terrahertz Portable Wand is a non-invasive, drug-free solution to improving your overall wellness.

If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of the Terrahertz Portable Wand for yourself, get in touch with me today to schedule a trial. I’m sure that you’ll be amazed by the results!

Anti-Ageing and Wellness Products

Are you looking for a complete approach to anti-aging and wellness? Look no further than my Agewell Eatwell Livewell website! There is a range of products help you look and feel your best from the inside out.

These anti-aging products are designed to help you look younger and more vibrant, with fewer wrinkles and a more radiant complexion. But true beauty starts from within, which is why I also offer the supplements. These supplement helps support your overall wellness by providing the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that your body needs to function at its best.

With these products you can achieve a more youthful appearance while also supporting your overall health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for targeted solutions for specific skin concerns or a comprehensive approach to anti-aging and wellness, I have the products you need to look and feel your best.

Visit my website today to learn more and start your journey to a more youthful and vibrant you!

Silent Counselling Training

Are you looking to enhance your well-being practice and offer your clients an additional therapy? Then Silent Counselling with Rapid Energy Release may just be for you.

Silent Counselling is a powerful and life-changing technique that addresses root causes of negative emotions, using muscle testing to determine the meridian points that require clearing. It’s effective for helping people with anxiety, phobias, depression, grief, stress, addiction, trauma and food intolerances. It even helps with pain management, including fibromyalgia.

Once you’ve learned the techniques of Silent Counselling, you’ll be equipped for life. You’ll be able to help yourself and others release negative emotions that keep pulling them back, even ones where you don’t remember the cause, or can’t consciously identify it.

This interactive training is delivered via live video conferencing to small, intimate group sizes, accompanied by a course workbook. You’ll learn practical techniques that have turned many lives around, as well as teaching elements of energy psychology to give you a background understanding of what is behind each technique.

Whether you’re a coach, therapist or healthcare professional, Silent Counselling may be the missing piece in your practice.


Stress Journal: Record your daily stresses and triggers, so that you can recognise what stresses you and be able to manage your stress more effectively.

My Stress Journal: Record your daily stresses and triggers, so that you can recognise what stresses you and be able to manage your stress more effectively.

Food and Tummy Tracker: Daily Meal Tracking Log with Tummy Tracker, 120 paged journal.

Fairy Journal: Fairy Journal Gifts Idea For The Woman Who Love Fairies and Journaling – Lined 120 Paged Journal.

Make it Happen Journal Gifts Idea For The Woman Who Love Journaling – Lined 120 paged journal.

My Little Notebook, Gifts Idea For Those Who Love Journaling – Lined 120 paged journal.

Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams: Walk confidently in the direction of your dreams, Gifts Idea For Those Who Love Journaling – Lined 120 paged journal.

Once Upon an Emotion – Teen Emotion Series

This gripping tale of anxiety and triumph will remind readers that light lives on if only we have the heart to see it. Elora’s journey inspires us to face the shadows within and without with wisdom, compassion, and bravery.

Within these pages awaits a gripping fantasy adventure that illuminates the real struggles many teens face alone – the clenching jaws of anxiety and self-doubt. Our heroine’s fantastical call to bravery parallels our own more ordinary but equally epic quests to overcome fear.

Daxon is a driven young dwarf blacksmith’s apprentice determined to live up to his proud family legacy and become a master smith in the mountain village of Skragginhall.

At its heart, the book explores the universal struggle for balance, acceptance, and self-actualization in a culture obsessed with progress and perfectionism. By walking with Daxon through darkness and light, readers gain insight into working toward contentment unfettered by rigid expectations.